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Internal Funding for Research Studies

The University Research Office encourages all faculty and staff of the University to submit research proposals and studies for funding. Studies and proposals that are aligned with the Research and Development Agenda (E4RTH) of the University are given priority.

All members of the faculty and staff are eligible to submit their works. For faster transaction and processing of documents, the URO devised mechanisms to provide fund-ing for projects according to proposed budget.

Publication of Research Papers

In support of the thrust to improve and upgrade the quality of research outputs and to be at par with our contemporaries in the ASEAN region, the university, through its research office is currently recommending to upgrade the status of the existing local non-refereed journal into an international ref-ereed journal. Thus, one of the major programs of the URO is to increase the quality and number of research publications of the university.

Support to Research Presentations

Regional and international conferences, fora and symposium are excellent venues to showcase and disseminate results of researches conducted by members of the academe.These opportunities also help to inform researchers regarding the recent development in their respective fields. Thus, the URO encourages the PSU community, especially its faculty and staff, to join such activities.

The Research Office provides assistance to researchers to support travel expenses, transportation and other fees as properly guided by the University accounting rules.