Call for Papers: XXII International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology


“This is the first call for papers for SHE XXII.This conference is meant to be as broadly    interdisciplinary as possible – bridging science, social science, and policy perspectives
with literature, humanities and creative arts. Like previous SHE meetings,  it is intended to bring together a diverse group of educators, researchers and practitioners  who  utilize,  or  are interested  in,  interdisciplinary  and  ecological  approaches  to  all  aspects  of  human  ecology education and research across a range of scales.

We look forward to a diverse and exciting program  with  an  excellent  range  of  speakers,  symposia, round‐tables and individual presentations.

Symposia and papers on the following themes are especially encouraged;

  • Health, Aging, and Demographic Change
  • Sustainable Cities and Landscapes
  • Food and Water Systems
  • Communities in Transition: Implications for rural resilience, biodiversity, and tourism

However, papers on other aspects of human ecology education and research are encouraged.” For more details please download the original document  here. 

Telefax +6349-536-2682


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