Call for Papers: 2016 Calabarzon Research and Statistics Forum


The Regional Development Council Calabarzon is inviting everyone to submit papers for the 2016 Research and Statistics Forum scheduled on October 20, 2016. The papers may address the following fields:

  1. Agriculture and Fisheries
    • Crop Science
    • Crop Protection
    • Agriculture Economics/Agri Business
    • Policy Review/Analysis/Evaluation
  2. Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM)
  3. Environmental protection and natural resources management
    • Environment
    • Water resources
    • Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Research papers submitted may address more than one field.


All submissions will be reviewed by the CRRC. Published or unpublished research papers will be accepted. Research papers that are not compliant with the required format and not relevant to the fields of research identified will not be accepted. The RRCC will not tolerate plagiarism or other similar acts.

Submission of research papers

The Executive Summary or Abstract of research papers must be submitted in pdf format and must include a powerpoint presentation of not more than 20 slides. The executive summary should be double spaced and not exceed two pages.

Papers must be submitted in electronic copy and not later than August 1, 2016. Papers can be e-mailed to Inquiries will be entertained by NEDA Region IV-A through telephone number (049) 545-0091 or through e-mail:


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