​​​CALL FOR PAPERS : Global Research and Education Conference (GRAEC 2016)


Date:      June 17 – 19, 2016
Venue:   Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center 

“The Asian Intellect for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc.will be holding the 1st “Global Research and Education Conference (GRAEC 2016)” on June 17 – 19, 2016 at the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center in Boracay, Aklan. In connection, we are honoured to invite you to come as or nominate presenters, competitors or participants to the said event. The GRAEC 2016 shall be an event that will pool and assemble together the top researchers in the country and abroad to disseminate and participate in a research conference.

The global conference has the following objectives:
1.    To give an avenue for researchers to share their research findings;
2.    To globalize the researches conducted in the authors’ respective institutions;
3.    To stage the researchers’ experiences in the conduct of their researchers.

Invited to come either as Plain Presenters, Competitor Presenters, or Participants are officials, faculty researchers, and graduate students from higher educational institutions.

The GRAEC will have two clusters namely:
The Competition Cluster; and,
The Plain Presentation Cluster.

Researchers will have an option whether to join the 1. Competition Cluster or the 2. Plain Presentation Cluster. The Competition Cluster shall be composed of researchers who will compete while presenting their papers in front of panelist-evaluators.

Meanwhile, the Plain Presenters will present their papers without the panelist-evaluators. The Competition Cluster shall yield the following awards: Best Research Papers; and, Best Presenters.”

For information about abstracts, journal publication, fees, venue, speakers, contacts, and other information, you may visit their information page here


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