USAID STRIDE Writing Workshop

“USAID STRIDE is now accepting applications from college and university professors of science, technology, and management courses to participate in a three-day Case Writing Workshop to be delivered by the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (WDI) on April 6 – 8, 2016 in Iloilo City.

The program will explore the case writing format originally developed by Harvard Business School, which presents students with real-life organizations and individuals that are trying to solve specific problems, and asks them what they believe the protagonist should do. The workshop will begin by situating the case method within the broader context of curriculum, instructional, and assessment design, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of cases. It will introduce the various types of cases, underlining their application in management education. The workshop will then present a systematic framework for writing cases. Participants will proceed stepwise through the framework, exploring the various dimensions of case writing, while simultaneously developing their own cases. The workshop will conclude with a view toward testing, refining, and publishing cases.

 Teaching case studies have been used successfully at top schools for many years. This type of teaching material allows professors to bring their research into the classroom. Case study methodology benefits students by generating participation in classroom discussion and developing skills in critical thinking, analysis, and writing.

 This is an open competitive call for applications, with the deans of the academic institutions required to nominate their professor applicants. Thirty (30) slots will be awarded and the awards will consider the professional background, geographical and research area, and the subject matter of the planned case study of the applicant.

 The application form for this workshop may be found at this link:

Deadline for completing and submitting the application form is on February 22, 2016 (Monday) by or before 5PM. Due to limited number of slots, no walk ins are allowed and only participants with letters of acceptance from STRIDE will be allowed to participate. Submission of an application does not constitute acceptance to the workshop.”


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